November 27, 2020

4G/5G Broadband – What is it and should I use it?

So hopefully by now you’re familiar with the traditional broadband technologies used in most households across the UK. If not have a read of our earlier article. One of our specialist areas is finding new or better ways to get internet connectivity to rural or hard to reach sites including things like construction sites and motorsport paddocks.

One of the simplest ways is using the mobile networks and some clever equipment either located in a vehicle, flight case or mounted to a building.

Case Study 1

Earlier this year one of our existing customers referred us to a colleague of his who is also a farmer. Due to the lay of the land and the location in which the farm storage barns were located, they were unable to receive any mobile reception inside the building at ground level or reasonable internet connection to the site. After a site survey and a chat with the customer it was deemed that we would be able to overcome both those issues using a 4G router dish mounted on top of the barn. We would then connect to a Wi-Fi access point inside the barn which would provide internet coverage across the barns and also enable the staff to use Wi-Fi calling across the site. With Wi-Fi active it also allows the use of various security systems and apps that require an internet connection.

On the morning of storm Aiden arriving in the UK we found ourselves 30ft up in the air using a telehandler platform to install the 4G dish with associated SIM card. Perhaps not the ideal weather to be performing such a task but knowing the upcoming weather windows we didn’t have a huge amount of time to play with! Once the dish was installed on the roof and directed at the nearest cell tower, the ethernet cable fed inside the building and down to it’s power source we were then able to install and configure the wireless access point. Our solution has enabled all staff on site to be able to make and receive calls (particularly important from a safety aspect) and the 4G broadband is running around 30mb download meaning any office staff can also work easily from site.

If any of the above sounds familiar, then why not get in touch and see how we can help? We offer free site surveys as well as advice and guidance on possible options. Our office number is 01582 858 128

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