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Wanting to know that your business, home, or stock is secure? We offer a vast array of security system functionality for homeowners and businesses just like yourself. They’re bespoke and tailored to the needs of your own unique circumstances, which means that we can not only make sure they’re as effective as possible, but they are also cost effective too.

Residential Systems

Although there are items in your home that are valuable, we understand that not all of them can be replaced if they were to be stolen. We’ve worked with countless homeowners to secure their properties, fitting systems that consider the unique layout of the property and potential points of access.

Business Systems

No two businesses are the same and that’s certainly the case when it comes to security needs. Our systems are built around your site or sites, ensuring that all angles are covered. We can also adapt them to your own needs, including features such as key fob entry for workers, so you’ll always know who’s in your building and who’s not.

24/7 Alarm Monitoring

An effective security system needs to be monitored, which is why we’re able to offer this service if you need it. You’ll only be alerted when the system detects a potential issue, leaving you to run your business rather than monitor your security system.

Leading suppliers

When it comes to security, no stone should be left unturned, which is why we partner with some of the world’s leading security brands. From door entry to simple alarm systems, your security system will be installed by a team of experts and with the best, cutting-edge technology possible.

A bespoke system

All the services that we provide are bespoke and built around the customer we’re working with. No matter if you’ve already got a system in place that you would like to improve, or it’s your first entry into the security system market, our team are here to guide you to a solution that is cost effective and works for you.

Local experience

Wanting to know that you’re working with a team of local experts? That’s exactly what you’re getting with Countrifi. We team our experience with national partners to deliver great local service, with national level quality. Talk to our team today.

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Our flexible security systems are used by homeowners, businesses, and those within rural communities to effectively secure their property, stock and livestock. If you’re wanting the peace of mind that a security system can provide, talk to our team today about a solution that will work for your own unique circumstances.

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