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With Openreach committed to switching off the PSTN in 2025 now is the time to start thinking about what to do with your landlines. Whether it's a single line at home or a full PBX multi user system at the office, we have something that will cater for everyone with our Hosted Voice service.
Countrifi Networks work across many sectors providing a range of internet, Wi-Fi and technology services. As well as providing cctv cameras, a range of internet connections including fibre, #4G or #satellite we also offer other product ranges.
As you'd expect with the continued advances in internet, Wi-Fi connectivity and smart devices it was only going to lead to an increase in smart devices around the home. With hundreds of brands and devices to choose from it really can be a minefield and we'll mention a few of the better systems that we've seen.
Whilst we've all been able to benefit from working from home and save on the cost of fuel or the dreaded season rail ticket, one of the key things to benefit from everyone having to stay at home is the environment.
New to our range of innovation solutions is the incredible AJAX alarms. Following on from our recent launch of CCTV and camera systems, it felt a natural step for us to step into this field and again in response to customer demand.
Mesh networks have sprung to popularity over the last year, particularly given that everyone is now trying to work from home. We have been installing these systems since well before we'd even heard of Coronavirus, so we thought we'd write a little explanation of what they are and why we love them.
Well we are nearing the end of lockdown 3.0 and we thought we'd do a little review of the different ways in which we've enabled our customers to work from home more efficiently. Firstly we always take the step of understanding what the current state of play is with their internet 'Through the door' i.e. when you are plugged directly into your router what is the speed you are getting.
We are pleased to say that in response to customer demand, Countrifi Networks can now provide a variety of CCTV and camera systems. Whether it's for residential or business purposes, we can provide cameras with a whole host of functions and features from all the leading brands such as HikVision, Dahua, Noctis Pro, Reolink, EZViz and many more.
From February 2020 telecoms operators are obliged to tell you about the best deals on offer when your contract comes to an end. The thinking behind this is that it should stop you auto-enrolling into another contract that you may not want to be in or if you've been on a promotional rate that you don't suddenly find yourself paying a huge amount more per month for the same (or less) service.
So hopefully by now you're familiar with the traditional broadband technologies used in most households across the UK. If not have a read of our earlier article. One of our specialist areas is finding new or better ways to get internet connectivity to rural or hard to reach sites including things like construction sites and motorsport paddocks.
As everyone knows the app markets (whether Android or iOS) are absolutely bursting with a whole host of time consuming apps that will keep our minds buzzing late into the night. We've listed our favorites below. Are there others that you think are highly worth a mention in this article? Send us your suggestions and we might just add them!