July 10, 2023

Hertfordshire County Show 2023

We were delighted to help our fabulous county show with Wi-Fi and Internet solutions for the 2023 Hertfordshire County Show. Read our thoughts and more on it here.

It’s been a few weeks since we packed away our lovely trade stand and all our Wi-Fi kit from around the Hertfordshire County Show so we thought we’d do a quick review to give you an insight into the show weekend. So what does a show like this do for local businesses like us and how did our trade stand go? Well we thought the show was excellent.  Over the course of the weekend just over 35k people walked through the gates. Our trade stand was busy from morning till night and we were still talking to new customers about solutions once everyone else had gone home!

The team really enjoyed talking to lots of visitors about what we offer and how we can help with enquiries from within the home counties as well as France, Wales & Scotland. We’ve spoken to residential and commercial prospective customers including a well known broadcaster and one of Europe’s largest infrastructure projects. We are busy working our way through a large number of enquiries from the show and arranging (free) site surveys over the next few weeks.

Aside from our trade stand we provided site-wide Wi-Fi for all trade stands across the 70-acre site as well as the Members Marquee, Farmers Bar, the Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire tent, the various food courts and all the entrance gate ticket systems. We also supplied a dedicated internet connection for the live stream on Horse & Country TV which was streamed in full 1080p resolution all weekend (much to the cameraman’s delight!)

None of this comes to life quickly or easily though. The whole team have put in hundreds of hours of planning and engineering, and that’s before pulling 12 hour shifts for each of the show days. We used nearly 2km of ethernet cable, crimped and installed two thousand fixings and connected in to 10 different generators around the site as well as running 2 backup internet connections from the main connection.  So firstly a big shout out to the Countrifi team for smashing it out of the park for the entire week and weekend. Secondly to Village I.T & Technology Services Ltd & Champagne Fire Truck for their support during the build and finally to Sarah Moreland and her wonderful army of staff and stewards who make the show happen every year.

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