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Do you want the peace of mind that your site, home, or stock is secure? We work with some of the world’s leading CCTV providers to install and fit a solution that is perfect for you and your circumstances. From single domestic properties to multi-site business premises, our team has experience in delivering CCTV systems that feed you real-time imagery and video, no matter what time of the day or where you are.


No matter if your home has been the victim of theft or burglary before or not, we all want to know that our property is protected. Our team can install systems that give you real-time coverage of your home, or even your car port if you need it. 

Business CCTV

We know that any damage, theft or loss of business property or stock can have a massive impact on your profitability and livelihood. Our CCTV systems can give you access to real-time data and access to your CCTV system, meaning you’ll always know what’s happening at your site. 

Temporary CCTV

Thinking that a CCTV system needs to be a huge financial outlay and a permanent fixture? That’s simply not the case. Our team can install and deliver systems on a temporary basis for events, seasonal requirements or to meet your specific circumstances. 

Livestock CCTV

Rural crime seems to be constantly on the increase, which is why we work with farmers and those working within agricultural sector to secure their livestock. Our systems can work in remote areas, providing you with constant coverage when you need it.

4G / Solar CCTV

Needing a CCTV camera somewhere that you’re not easily able to get power to? Our solar CCTV cameras, combined with a 4G mobile network, can give you CCTV coverage in areas that you’d traditionally not be able to achieve it. 

CCTV Monitoring

Needing your CCTV feeds to be monitored? We can work with partners to provide you with a system that always has eyeballs on it. These are great for those that are looking to secure large sites or those with goods with high market value.

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Our flexible CCTV systems are used by homeowners, businesses, and those within rural communities to effectively monitor their property, stock and livestock. If you’re wanting the peace of mind that CCTV monitoring can provide, talk to our team today about a solution that will work for your own unique circumstances.

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