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At Countrifi we offer great local service with national standards. Each of the solutions we provide, whether it be broadband, WiFi, security or CCTV, are built around the individual needs of our customers. That’s how we ensure you get great performance and reliability at a cost effective price.

Internet and Broadband

Have you been experiencing issues with your broadband? Is it too slow? Does it drop out intermittently? Are there periods that it simply doesn’t work? Is if struggling with the needs of your business or home? If you’re facing any of these issues, our team are here to help you find a better and more robust solution. We’ve got a proven track record when it comes to improving speed, robustness, and reliability. 

WiFi Solutions

Needing WiFi that is quick, reliable and you know you can depend on? That’s exactly what our team are here to provide. No matter if you’re needing greater reach, facing issues such as dropout or slow sleeps, or simply feel it could be better, we’ve got a proven track record is helping businesses and homeowner eradicate problems and enjoy better performance. 

CCTV Systems

Do you want the peace of mind that your site, home, or stock is secure? We work with some of the world’s leading CCTV providers to install and fit a solution that is perfect for you and your circumstances. From single domestic properties to multi-site business premises, our team has experience in delivering CCTV systems that feed you real-time imagery and video, no matter what time of the day or where you are.

Security Systems

Wanting to know that your business, home, or stock is secure? We offer a vast array of security system functionality for homeowners and businesses just like yourself. They’re bespoke and tailored to the needs of your own unique circumstances, which means that we can not only make sure they’re as effective as possible, but they are also cost effective too. 

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We work with some of the leading suppliers on the market; from mobile network suppliers O2 and Vodafone, through to other household names such as NetGear and Openreach. Our connections and experience in dealing with these providers means that we’r able to find a solution using the right mix for your own circumstances.

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Have a question for our team? We’d be more than happy to discuss any issues you’re currently facing and find the best and most cost-effective way forward for you.