June 25, 2021

Introducing AJAX Alarms

New to our range of innovation solutions is the incredible AJAX alarms. Following on from our recent launch of CCTV and camera systems, it felt a natural step for us to step into this field and again in response to customer demand.

We have looked at a few different brands in the market place and were satisfied that the AJAX offering is easily one of the best available.

Unsurprisingly this system has innovation at its core and can utilise the wired network and use a mobile sim card for backup. The system has inbuilt batteries as well as mains power so that it’s still active in the event of a power failure. The various sensors include motion sensors, some with cameras, door sensors, water sensors and fire and carbon monoxide alarms. The system can be controlled from a keypad, the mobile app or a key fob. It has intelligence at it’s core and can even activate and de-activate once it senses you are within a particular distance form the property.

The AJAX alarm system can be built exactly to your needs, piece by piece and the configuration options are brilliant. Having installed it for various customers already we love the AJAX alarm system and it’s capabilities. The external siren for example can operate at 115db so is certainly going to alert anyone nearby! There are many different options when it comes to security systems (and we certainly won’t profess to know them all), but AJAX we do know and would highly recommend for those that want an easy to use, reliable and feature rich alarm system.

If you’d like to know more then why not get in touch on 01582 383 280.

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

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