October 20, 2021

Smart cars……but not the one you’re thinking of!

Whilst we continue to be the go to company for internet and wireless connectivity we are also busy working behind the scenes researching and testing lots more products that we feel are a great addition to our growing product offering.

One of the first things we are pleased to announce is that we are stepping into the automotive world with some really great products. As many of you will know we won’t put our name to something unless we are really sure it is a worthy addition to our customer offering. First off the team have been behind the scenes researching a variety of dash cams including the regular names such as Next Base, Road Angel and Garmin. We are pleased to say that our preferred choice above these brands is Nexar.

 We’ve had the Nexar Beam on trial for a couple of weeks in one of our vehicles and it has performed exceptionally well. The installation is quick, clean and tidy. The system leaps into life with an audible tone (which you can turn off) and once you’ve paired your phone to the camera you’re ready to go. If you happen to forget your phone for any reason, the camera will still operate and record footage and when your phone is next within range you can sync the journeys you missed. From there on in there are some great options which we’ll dive into shortly.

Nexar have really thought about some great functionality and it’s delivered through a simple to use app which works on both Androi and iOS. From the app we can view our journeys from the camera’s view and we can make a clip and share it directly from the app. We can also view a map of the route we’ve driven. The first of the clever features is that when you make a clip of the footage you want to share the system will also highlight the route the clip covers on the map. The next clever feature is that it also shows you speed throughout your journey (albeit in KPH as opposed to MPH) and also will register the G-Force for any sudden movements such as harsh breaking, particularly useful in a collision.

One of our other favourite features of the app is the ability to easily generate an insurance report. This is simply brilliant and allows you to create the clip you need to send to them with all the associated information about the collision including impact forces, speed etc and this is simply emailed straight from the system with a download link for the reviewer to watch the footage from the camera. The fact that this is so simple and isn’t something we’ve seen done well on any other camera we tested reminds us that actually road collisions are common on our roads and this is the reason why we use these devices.

With the top end model there is a driver facing camera as well as a road facing camera and parking mode, so should anyone nudge your vehicle whilst you’ve popped to Waitrose for a few bits it will capture the offending vehicle should they not leave any details.

All in all for the low price point of these cameras we think they really are a fantastic little device and well worth the investment if you are on the lookout for a dash camera. Contact us today to find out more on 01582 383 280.

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