December 21, 2020

End of Contract Notification (ECN) – Industry Update

From February 2020 telecoms operators are obliged to tell you about the best deals on offer when your contract comes to an end. The thinking behind this is that it should stop you auto-enrolling into another contract that you may not want to be in or if you’ve been on a promotional rate that you don’t suddenly find yourself paying a huge amount more per month for the same (or less) service.

You should receive an email, text or letter and then its down to you to either click a link from the email or call the provider to discuss the offer and agree your new package. However, according to Which? members who were asked in October 2020 about the offer presented through an ECN versus, those that chose to negotiate directly or by switching provider more often than not saved more on their service. Once you are out of contract it is possible that your package price could increase by as much as 80% so haggling is definitely worth it.

ECNs have to be sent between 10 and 40 days before the end of your contract and inform you of the end date, your current pricing and what you will pay once out of your contract as well as detail the notice period should you wish to change provider. This should happen at the end of every contract and is supposed to offer the best deals available on offer. However, we are not so convinced and we know that some of our customers will simply choose to just go with one of the deals presented in the email as it’s quick and easy. Want our advice? DON’T just go with the easy option – it will more than likely cost you more over the term of the contract than if you negotiated over the phone or switched provider.

If you’re not sure what to do and need some advice, please give us a call or send us a message – 01582 858 128 or email via the contact form on the website. You can also send us a direct message (DM) via social media.

Thanks for reading and get haggling!

The CN team.

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