October 18, 2020

The hottest apps on the market

As everyone knows the app markets (whether Android or iOS) are absolutely bursting with a whole host of time consuming apps that will keep our minds buzzing late into the night. We’ve listed our favorites below. Are there others that you think are highly worth a mention in this article? Send us your suggestions and we might just add them!


What’s not to love? Thousands of songs and podcasts at the touch of a button. Whether its a children’s playlist for the car or the latest club anthems for your drive home from work, you are sure to find it there. Subscription costs are pretty reasonable if you decide to go for it too!

Amazon Prime

One of the key reasons that Amazon has been so successful is by combining their shopping service for prime members by adding in free access to Amazon Music and Amazon Video. Both the music and video apps are rammed full of content and with a rapidly expanding number of new releases coming out on Prime instead of the cinema!


An old favourite of ours and quite simply one of the easiest, cleanest and most secure messaging apps available. What’s not to like?

Google Maps

Quite simply one of the best location tools out there, and now even more handy is all the notifications for traffic if you’re using as a sat-nav in the car. It will even offer a faster route if it detects traffic or congestion on your journey thanks to their acquisition of the Waze app.

Dark Skies

If you need accurate and up to date forecast information then this is the app for you. Albeit it’s only currently available on iOS and costs just under £4 we think this is easily worth it’s weight in gold. Whether for work or pleasure, this allows you to see what weather is on it’s way and allows you to plan accordingly.


What is a Sunday night without strolling through hundreds of pin boards to get your next home refurb bit of inspiration. There is a whole mish-mash of boards and ‘pins’ for you to scroll through and we love it! Use the save function to build your own collections of ideas or inspiration and come back to it later when you need it. We’ve even seen it used in a DIY store for matching paints!


Some might think that this is only for kids, well, it isn’t! It’s got a whole heap of quality films and series to watch with thousands of hours of high quality films and episodes for all ages. If you’re lucky enough, every so often they roll out a promo code which significantly discounts the monthly cost.


We couldn’t really write a blog about decent apps and not include this one! Perhaps one of the most important apps to have hit the market in recent years and now used by the UK emergency services to help locate casualties. If you only download a single app from this list, above all others, choose this one!


We’ve all now got to that stage where we have so many different passwords for so many different systems it’s hard to remember them all. We have a fairly strong suspicion that most of you reading this post share a single password across multiple sites. Well, if this sounds like you then please don’t. Download a simple password manager like this and let it do the work for you!


Surely one of the main stays of any lockdown! Get the right account and you can share it with family or friends on multiple devices. Some of the greatest TV series in recent years has first aired on Netflix and there is just so much to watch, we wonder if we’ll ever get anywhere close.

These of course are all fairly main stream apps, if there are others that you feel are worthy of a mention then please let us know and we’ll add them to the post!

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The Countrifi Team.

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

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