For Rural Communities

Tackling rural crime and connectivity

For Rural Communities

Tackling rural crime and connectivity

Rural Communities

Helping rural communities

Our rural communities are still facing issues with connectivity and rising crime. We work with farms, stables and others living in the countryside communities to ensure that they are online when they need to be and that their plant, machinery, home and livestock is protected. If you’ve been facing a connectivity issue or want to be proactive in preventing crime, we’re here to help.

Internet Connectivity

Facing rural connectivity problems? You’re not alone! We can find a solution through traditional BT lines, Fibre, 4G/5G or satellite, depending on your needs and location.

Wifi Solutions

We’re able to provide you with effective WiFi solutions that are suitable for houses and farmhouses of all sizes and ages. We can also increase range if you need us to.

Security Systems

Working with some of the leading suppliers in the world, we’re experienced in supplying and installing alarm systems that can give you peace of mind your plant, machinery and out buildings are kept safe.

Structured cabling

Sometimes structured cabling can be an effective solution. If you need this, our team have a proven track record of installing all forms of infrastructure.

CCTV Systems

Want the peace of mind that your home or buildings are secure? We work with some of the world’s leading CCTV providers to install and fit a solution that is right for you.

Bespoke Solutions

No two customers we work with in a rural setting have the exact same needs, which is why we don’t have a one-size-fits-all to our solutions.

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We live and work in a rural community, so you won’t be surprised to know that we’re pretty experienced in solving the issues that you may be facing.  Connectivity is a problem that has plagued the countryside and we’ve got a proven track record in solving problems. We’ve also provided farms, rural business parks and homes with  CCTV to protect them against growing levels of rural crime.

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Have a question for our team? We’d be more than happy to discuss any issues you’re currently facing and find the best and most cost-effective way forward for you.