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With Openreach committed to switching off the PSTN in 2025 now is the time to start thinking about what to do with your landlines. Whether it's a single line at home or a full PBX multi user system at the office, we have something that will cater for everyone with our Hosted Voice service.
Countrifi Networks work across many sectors providing a range of internet, Wi-Fi and technology services. As well as providing cctv cameras, a range of internet connections including fibre, #4G or #satellite we also offer other product ranges.
As you'd expect with the continued advances in internet, Wi-Fi connectivity and smart devices it was only going to lead to an increase in smart devices around the home. With hundreds of brands and devices to choose from it really can be a minefield and we'll mention a few of the better systems that we've seen.
Whilst we've all been able to benefit from working from home and save on the cost of fuel or the dreaded season rail ticket, one of the key things to benefit from everyone having to stay at home is the environment.